Filter Bags

Filter Bags

Filter Bags

Filter Melco is Egypt’s largest and most renowned manufacturers of low & high temperature filter bags for the various industries. Producers of the following industries have come to know Filter Melco as a quality and timely supplier of baghouse filters and parts:

  • Primary Aluminum

  • Carbon Black

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Asphalt and Hot Mixes Industrial

  • Gas Turbine Power Stations

  • Minerals: Cement- Lime- Gypsum

  • Food: Dairy- Grains & Rice- Salt- Sugar

  • Process Chemical:  Plastics & PVC- Silica- Ceramics- Catalysts- Other pigments & compounds

  • Steel & Metals:Recycled steel/mini-mill – Integrated steel – Foundries – Ferro-alloy producers – Primary, secondary, & precious metal smelters

For decades, Filter Melco has been manufacturing high quality baghouse filter bag, cages, pleated elements, and accessories. Regardless if you build baghouse or cartridge dust collector or just own and operate one; Filter Melco has a high quality, high value filter bag for your requirement.

Pulse jet, shaker, cartridge, or reverse-air flow style filter bags are available from stock or with minimal lead-time from Filter Melco.

Filter bag temperature ranges